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Simple steps to join SM Modeling Agency

SM Modeling Agency is here to turn your modeling dream into a career that you can leverage as a source of income, but before you can be part of the Agency below are a few things to consider:

  • You have to be dedicated

  • You have to be passionate about it

  • Becoming a professional model require lots of time, so you have to be committed

In fulfilling that, then you are just a step to why you are here, the next line of action is the payment of the registration fee which is 20,000 (Twenty thousand naira only.)

What is the payment for?

  • Registration
  • Membership
  • Training
  • Certificate

It is advisable to use your real name while making the payment as well when filling out the form after payment, to avoid long term waiting for confirmation

After successful payment, you will be automatically redirected to where you submit your profile.