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It may seem to be an easy thing, but it’s actually not. Becoming a model is hard work. A beautiful face and body type are not all you need. There are many more important factors, which can influence your modeling career. Moreover, it isn’t even necessary to be very slim, because nowadays there exist plus size

“Classes can be helpful to individuals in terms of self-confidence and comfort with aspects of the business,” Consider the option if you feel like you have something that’s holding you back, lack knowledge of the industry, or if you’re in need of a confidence boost.

Your book, or modeling portfolio, is your resume, so make sure that it’s in tip-top shape before you schedule interviews or auditions or attend an open call.

So you’ve booked a meeting with an agent — now what? Resist the temptation to paint on new eyebrows or shop for a new outfit before your interview. “come as you are.”

In addition to your portfolio, bring some casual shots as well. “When we meet with prospective models we ask to see a couple of snapshots or Polaroids,”

Personality is key, so sit up straight and spit out that gum! “An outgoing personality is always a standout.” They’re looking for models who are “able to express themselves and not be nervous or shy.

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We are happy to partner with Queen Jenny Empire @faceofcosmos on her forthcoming beauty pageant 2020

For further enquiries on how to participate, partner or contest follow @faceofcosmos

#beauty #pageant #brain…

Reposted from @faceofcosmos (@get_regrann) - Queen Jenny Empire is excited to announce the partnership with SM Modeling Agency @sm_modeling, A modeling agency located in the heart of Lagos Nigeria for her…

We had a great time with @Jimlas_Opeyemi after a successful #MissEkiti2019 pageant in company of the Queen Manager @crystalstyling
He took his time to share a Motivational Story on how the Universe blesses people with Pure Hearts.
Thanks 🙏 for the words sir.

Witness the Coronation of @missekiti2 2019 #MissEkiti
Live & Direct
Tagged: Beauty & Brains
Date: 28th September
Venue: AB Civic Centre
Host: Saheed Balogun
Cc: @oapaynigeria

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